What are the qualities of an organized kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the most important corners of the house that shows the elegance and taste of the lady, and it shows through it the extent of the woman’s ability to manage and organize her home affairs, so no matter how small and modest the kitchen is, the lady must be careful to organize and arrange it in an ideal way, and the most important of all is cleaning the kitchen Continuously, especially if it is the place designated for eating.

An organized kitchen is a kitchen in which the tools of the same type are located in one place, such as if the cups are together in one place, a place designated for utensils and the like, and another for knives, spoons, and on Similarly, this article has been devoted to clarifying what are the most important kitchen utensils that should be bought for newlyweds, in addition to explaining some of the most important ways to clean kitchen utensils easily.

An organized kitchen is a kitchen in which the tools of the same type are located in a place One, for example, if the cups are together in one place, and a place is for utensils and the like, and another is for knives and spoons.

The most important kitchen tools that must be bought for newlyweds at this time, many girls who are about to get married resort to equipping the kitchen of their new home with the latest tools in the same condition as other rooms, and since the kitchen objects are many and varied, a set of the most important kitchen tools that must be purchased for the newlyweds has been allocated as shown below Electrical tools: Electrical kitchen appliances are many and varied, so the most important of these tools are the refrigerator, microwave, water heater, oven, and electric mixer, in addition to the fruit juicer, meat grinder and electric potato fryer.

Regular utensils are among the most important kitchen utensils that must be purchased for newlyweds. Pots in several different sizes, cups for water and those for juice and tea, cups for coffee and coffee, yogurt and plates of color for a beautiful dinner, trays for placing in the oven, cake and cup molds Cake, as for spoons, it is necessary to purchase several sizes, some of which are intended for the cooking process, and some for pouring food, and some for daily use and others for guests as well as knives, and it is not forgotten to buy a frying pan in two different sizes.

Must-have accessories such as orange peelers, wooden spoons, kitchen napkins, spice and seasoning boxes, food containers, soft drink openers, bottles to put oil and salt in, and paper towels for drying.

How to clean kitchen utensils easily

There are many ways to make cleaning tools easier in the house; In order to keep them clean and free of any dirt, and in the following, some ways to clean kitchen utensils are illustrated: Cleaning the oven You must be careful to clean the oven frequently and not leave it for a specific day; In order for it to remain as the first solution it was purchased on, it is also possible to use sodium bicarbonate to clean the oven well, especially those stubborn stains that are difficult to remove with soap and water only.

Cleaning the microwave oven, like the oven, is frequently used at all times. Therefore, care must be taken to clean it constantly by spraying it with water and lemon juice, and then wait for a little and wipe it with a towel dampened with a little water.

Cleaning the water heater

The water heater should be washed frequently and not neglected; Because there are lime layers collecting at the bottom, and it is possible to clean it by putting a little vinegar in it and heating it, and then wash it in the usual way.

Cleaning the electric mixer

The electric mixer can be cleaned by placing a little warm water in it, with the addition of dishwashing liquid or vinegar, and then running for two minutes, and then rubbing it with a towel and washing with water.

Cleaning the cutting boards To get rid of the smell of meat, chicken, garlic, or onions from the cutting boards, they must be rubbed with lemon before washing.

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