How does the financial level affect the marital relationship?

Money is the backbone of marital life, and by the continuation of this nerve and its strength, life continues, and by its weakness, life weakens and goes to the abyss.

In the event of financial problems, both spouses accuse each other, so the husband accuses the wife of extravagance, and the wife accuses the husband of miserliness and accuses him of not managing money well, and the family interferes Each of them is in favor of his son, which makes matters worse and more complicated, and both spouses feel the injustice on the other side; Marital life becomes an endless series of problems and disagreements, and through this article, we will talk about ways to avoid financial problems in marriage.

Ways to avoid financial problems in marriage

How do you put a successful budget for your home?

The material situation has an effect on marital compatibility, as disputes often arise in marital life due to financial matters. A decent man who is accustomed to extravagance and spending cannot find happiness with a scarce wife.

Likewise, it is rare for an extravagant woman to be happy with a stingy husband, even if extravagance is a characteristic. Prevail over them; Poverty and failure will contribute to and destroy their married life, and there are ways to avoid financial problems in marriage, including:

  • Avoiding debt: The husband and wife must be accurate in their calculations, and subject the balance between the inside and the outside with respect to money, so that the expense is not greater than the daily income so as not to become involved in debts.
  • Not running after glamorous appearances: which cost a lot of money; To meet classes and levels of income greater than the income of a family, its income is limited, and attracting attention and loving people is done by easy things other than material matters. Slow down in disposing of money:
  • One of the ways to avoid financial problems in marriage is to look and think about whether this matter is necessary or can it be dispensed with, and save it for the coming days. To dispense with asking people, the wife has a basic role in managing the household expenses, so that nothing of it is necessary for the wife to take her original role in achieving the stability of the house.
  • Documenting contracts between spouses: If the woman participates in building the marital home; By having a source of livelihood or a specific salary, she must document that with covenants and charters, and not leave this aspect dependent on customs, traditions and emotions, in order to avoid financial problems that may occur in the future.

The husband and the woman’s salary

Does the husband have the right to his wife’s salary? After talking about ways to avoid financial problems in marriage, material problems often affect love among people, and money often disperses between loved ones and ravages emotions until feelings fly with it so that love dies and is its end, after love was a torch that illuminates the house and sends warmth throughout it .

As for the wife’s salary, in fact the husband does not have the slightest right to his wife’s salary, and clarity is required in material matters.

In order to avoid many conflicts in the future, especially in the issue of marriage, the woman may be an employee, and the suitor is in his mind that she will help him with the household expenses, and she believes that this salary is her right and not his right, in this case there will be discord; The house may lead to ruin, so it is better for them to agree on this matter from the beginning or during the engagement period, which will eliminate the conflict permanently or reduce it as much as possible.

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