The city of Mumbai, as a popular Indian tourist destination, attracts many tourists annually, and you may also be among the travelers, but before you travel, you should familiarize yourself with some tips that help you ensure a comfortable trip away from hassle.

Mumbai is a wonderful city and a favorite for many gourmets in the world, where you can taste the most delicious foods among street stalls, but you must know that food and water safety standards in this city is an important matter that you must take into account as a top priority so that you will not be exposed to diseases of the digestive system, and therefore not Eat only bottled water, avoid fruits and vegetables that are not cooked or that are not peeled, avoid foods cooked hours before, and eat only meat that has been cooked well, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

  1. The crowded city of Mumbai

The city of Mumbai is crowded with dense neighborhoods and densely populated areas, and you will probably feel that while walking on the roads, and according to the US State Department, India has the highest death rates from traffic accidents in the world, which forces you to move quietly and turn left and right before crossing, while following Traffic lights are on every corner, and perhaps hiring a driver during your stay can help relieve stress when navigating Mumbai’s sights.

  1. Habits and language

The city of Mumbai

And you are in Mumbai, dear traveler, try not to get close to strangers too much, and always keep some boundaries when dealing with local people, and do not give too much confidence, so do not go with an anonymous local guide and do not follow anyone you do not know

With regard to language, you will not have a big problem finding someone who speaks English, which will greatly facilitate your communication with others in the many public places that you will visit.

  1. The threat of terrorism

The city of Mumbai

Always ask your hotel about security precautions, and caution is essential when visiting restaurants and other places frequented by Westerners, and you should follow alerts issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country, as well as Indian media to learn about the latest updates, and do not hesitate to report something suspicious. , The police number from a landline is 100 while the emergency number from a cell phone is 112.

  1. Vaccinations

Vaccines in Mumbai

Ask your doctor about vaccinations several weeks before your trip. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that hepatitis A and typhoid vaccinations be required for most travelers to Mumbai, and you must also follow sun protection advice and the use of mosquito repellents.

  1. Scam and street vendors

Mumbai markets

Mumbai is home to street vendors, and it can be a great place to buy attractive souvenirs, but you must make sure of the quality and quality of what you buy so that you do not fall into the trap of fraudulent sellers, and always bargain to get the best price.

Poverty exists in Mumbai, but it is advisable not to give money to the poor, you can provide them with food, there is a possibility of their involvement in a secret network of some kind, as travel experts confirm that beggars regularly change tourist sites for money, and they may get in the way of stealing you in some The times.

  1. Local transportation

Indian train

The local train is the lifeblood of Mumbai, but riding the train is difficult in itself. There are hundreds of locals disembarking at each station, and there are many who climb to it within seconds, so you can only imagine what it will look like, and many times, it is not considered a tourist. Able to keep up with the quality of this service.

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