The most important tips that you must know before traveling to South Korea

If you intend to travel to South Korea for the first time and you want this trip to be one of the most beautiful trips and places that you visit, you should look at a set of important tips that will help you on your first trip to South Korea.

Important tips before traveling to South Korea

The alphabet in the Korean language

The Korean alphabet, unlike the Chinese language, is verbal, which means that it consists of letters that can be memorized easily instead of large words. Words may come in the middle of the speech, making the sentence incomprehensible, but in fact, the alphabet itself is very easy to learn. Some people can master it in only one day, so if you want to visit Korea, be sure to know the alphabet, it will make traveling to Korea much easier even if you do not speak Korean, and you should also be able to recognize the names of food items on the menus and destinations on Street signs.

Public transportation

The public transportation system in Korea is quite amazing, comfortable, and inexpensive. You can also use a cash-based card on public buses and subways in many different cities. As the payment card saves travelers a lot of the hassle of buying tickets every time they ride the subway, and calculating the money in it is according to the distance and time. And don’t forget to avoid black or fancy taxis, as they charge better services.

Service in restaurants

In restaurants in South Korea, you will find the waiter who offers you the meal you want to eat, and if you need something you can invite him to your table to teach him about it, and this can be done in two ways, first, you can call him Yogyo, which means I am here, Or, in some places, you can simply press the call button on the pager, which is a convenient method that you can also use when you are ready to pay, and take the bill.


Despite the generally good service provided in restaurants and really everywhere in South Korea, tipping is not required or unexpected to pay more money on the bill, as this culture is not usually practiced among Koreans, but if you want it, it is up to you as an appreciation for the restaurant And excellent service.


South Korea actually has one of the lowest rates of crime in the modern world. While urban areas are not free of small thieves and drunk people, they are mostly kept safe at any hour of the day. However, we sometimes find that some legal provisions in South Korea are unfairly biased against international visitors and residents. You will find Koreans asking you for more money in bars, and if you get into a quarrel, you could put yourself in jail. So try to avoid fabricating problems.

Exchanging gifts

The exchange of gifts is an important part of Korean life, whether in personal or business relationships, where the exchange of gifts is closely related to showing respect, maintaining harmony, and mutual love. If you are invited to someone’s home, it is customary to bring a small gift, such as a flower or a bottle of wine, to show your generosity. Gifts are given to the person you are visiting, and the gift is never opened to those who bring the gift.

Confucius rules

South Korea is a vibrant, modern, high-tech country, despite this, its people still retain and proud of the old Korean customs and traditions, including Confucianism, a system that promotes social harmony and governs all interactions, no matter how small, between families and friends, colleagues and even strangers. Newcomers may not recognize these old traditions and customs, but they can quickly learn the basics such as speaking politely toward the elderly, waiting for your boss to eat first, and a whole lot of other habits.

The experience of traveling to South Korea is one of the experiences that you will not regret, as it is a safe and beautiful country and includes many traditions and customs different from ours in addition to tourist attractions and beautiful natural places.

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