The cost of traveling to South Korea

South Korea is officially known as the Republic of Korea and is located in East Asia in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, and its capital, Seoul, is a major global city, with a population of about 51 million, making up more than half of the population of South Korea.

The world, and therefore it is necessary to know the cost of travel to South Korea. Its area is about 98477 km, which is roughly the size of the state of Indiana.

It is characterized by mountain ranges with partial forests separated by valleys, as well as plains in the south and west of the country, and Korea has one One of the most densely populated countries, and who are distinguished by being one of the world’s most ethnically and linguistically homogeneous people.

Tourism in South Korea

South Korea is the twentieth most visited country in the world and the sixth on the Asian continent, so it is imperative to know the cost of travel To South Korea, where the Korean wave, which resulted from the popularity of modern Korean culture, has contributed to an increase in its tourism sector.

The capital, Seoul, is the most popular tourist destination for visitors. Most of them are from East Asia, such as China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where they account for about 75% of the total tourists in them, and the network of trains and buses has helped contribute to supporting the tourism sector in it, as it is possible to make a one-day trip in any major city, and therefore it is not The cost of travel to South Korea must be calculated, as the number of tourists in 2015 reached 238.3 million tourists.

The elements of tourism in South Korea

South Korea is an area full of history, culture, religion, special food, and many surprises that it can offer visitors, despite That there are many countries that can be visited and that many go to, but South Korea has many surprises in its bag, so it is necessary to calculate the cost of traveling to South Korea and heading towards it in order to enjoy its surprises, one of the most important elements of tourism in it is the following:

The cultural landmarks that beats and the traditions that most of the population adhere to.
Historical monuments that reflect its historical value such as Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Festivals that last all year, such as:

  • Spring festivals that transform it into a magical wonderland.
  • Technological development and innovative structures, as it has the fifth largest skyscraper in the world.
  • There are many villages that provide comfort and tranquility.
  • The presence of Seoul Fashion Week in it and distinguished it with many clothes and designs.

There are many cities that can be visited other than Seoul, such as:

Busan, which is located in the south and is characterized by its beautiful coast and sandy beaches.

Coasts, beaches, and picturesque islands that extend for many miles, such as:

Jeju Island, which is characterized by its picturesque nature and is a center of attraction for tourists.

Places of tourism in South Korea It is necessary to calculate the cost of travel to South Korea before traveling to it, as many kingdoms, eras and rulers over the ages passed through it, and whose effects are still visible, such as the remains of palaces and ruins in all parts of the country, which made it a town depleted by cultural attractions And historical, natural and touristic, where there are many large areas with scenic views, different rock formations, green pastures and dense forests, in addition to the presence of the huge city of Seoul, which clearly highlights its features, so tourists must calculate the cost of travel to South Korea and heading towards it, and one of the most important places of tourism In South Korea the following:

  • Ganghuadu Island: It is characterized by historical landmarks dating back to prehistoric times. Suraksan National Park: It is a natural park with many rocky outcrops, pine trees, and many rivers.
  • Bulguksa Temple: It consists of several buildings that contain various sculptures and statues within them.
  • Jeonju Hanok Village: Features traditional Korean homes with a mountain in the back and a river in the front. ​
  • Gamcheon Cultural Village: It features colorful houses and outdoor statues.
  • Bossong Tea Fields: It features green gardens and a bamboo forest that overlooks the tea fields.
  • Hallasan National Park: is home to the tallest mountain in South Korea, Hallasan.
  • Hwaseong Fortress: It is a historical landmark that was built between 1974 and 1976 in order to encompass the city of Suwan.
  • The Hoon Secret Garden: It is one of the palaces that was the hideout of the kings and their royal families.
  • Namiseom Island: It is located in Gapyeong County, and is distinguished by its natural landscapes.
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace: Located in the capital, Seoul, it includes many museums, rooms, and various structures.

The cost of traveling to South Korea Knowing the cost of traveling to South Korea makes it easier to spend the most beautiful times, visit many places and practice different activities, as the biggest cost of travel to South Korea is the plane ticket, and since most of the tourist attractions are located on the capital, Seoul, It is necessary to know the cost of travel in South Korea there, and the following is an explanation:

Accommodation: There are many hotels that can go to prices starting from $ 30 per night, and it is also possible to go to many hostels that range from 12 Dollars to $ 48.

Tourist places: Hankon Village can be visited and wandered for free, and there are also many free museums and various temples in Seoul that can be visited. Food: You can head to the street food, which is the cheapest, and you can eat Korean rice rolls, which sell for a few dollars.

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