Are you planning to come and settle in Turkey? And you feel confused and hesitant to choose the city you want to settle in, do not worry, we have made it easy for you to choose; Knowing five of the best cities in Turkey to live and settle down in.

The state of Turkey – in general – is one of the best suitable countries for stability and living, especially for Arabs, and all of its cities have many wonderful features, which may increase your confusion.

When you search and question on social media, the answers multiply and differ, as each city is distinctive in the eyes of its residents.

Some may love Istanbul and cannot live in another city, while some never love it and find it crowded and claustrophobic, and so the matter is relative according to the person’s condition.

It also differs according to the person’s condition; The student is different from the person looking for work, the family differs from the individual, and the person with high income differs from the low income person.

Therefore, we will set some criteria on the basis of which we will determine, what are the best cities in Turkey to live and settle? In an objective and neutral manner and away from individual opinions.

Among the most important criteria for choosing the best cities in Turkey for living and stability are the availability of job opportunities, ease of commercial investment and establishment of projects, availability of schools and universities, the cost of living, the city’s infrastructure, the nature of the place and the population in it, and other criteria that we will mention later.

What are the best cities in Turkey to live and settle?

Ankara is one of the best cities in Turkey to live in, Ankara comes first on the list of the best cities in Turkey to live and settle, and it is no wonder that it is the capital of Turkey.

There are many reasons for choosing Ankara as one of the best cities in Turkey to live, we will mention them for you in detail:

Ankara is the capital of Turkey, distinguished by the presence of all ministries, government departments and foreign embassies, and everything necessary to fulfill your interests and personal needs.

Add to that the lower cost of living in Ankara than Istanbul and the rest of the coastal cities such as Antalya, you can buy a house in Ankara at half the cost for the same house if it is in Istanbul, and it decreases more as you move away from the center of Ankara and get closer to the sides.

For example, if the price of a house in Istanbul equals 50 thousand dollars, then the same house in Ankara equals 25 thousand dollars, and we measure the costs of rent, food, drink, clothes and various household necessities.

It also has different types of transportation, and it is rarely exposed to traffic congestion except at peak times of course, and this feature gives it an advantage over Istanbul.

As for health services, there are many private and government Turkish hospitals in all regions, and Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” in 2019 opened Bilkent Hospital in Ankara, which is the largest hospital in Europe and the third in the world.

All of these reasons nominated it to become one of the best cities in Turkey to live and settle, and the first suitable place for Arab families who wish to settle, especially those families that have a source of income from abroad, so many of the Iraqi community are concentrated in them.

It is also one of the best cities for study and education, if you are a student and want to settle there, or a family that has a number of children in different stages of education.

Turkish universities in Ankara are known for their excellence and quality at the level of Turkey, and are internationally recognized, such as:

  • Ankara University: Well known, it has 15 colleges and hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Haji Tepe University: It is one of the best Turkish universities, especially the Faculty of Medicine. It includes 14 colleges and provides study in four languages: Arabic, English, French, and German.
  • Yıldırım Beyazıt University: It ranks ninth among Turkish universities, and includes 15 colleges and 5 institutes, including medical colleges such as human medicine and dentistry.
  • Middle East Technical University: One of the distinguished universities in scientific research, especially in the fields of engineering and natural sciences.
  • Gazi University: It is ranked tenth among the Turkish universities, founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk under the name “Gazi Institute of Education and Intermediate Education”.
  • Ankara University of Social Sciences: It includes 7 faculties, including International Relations, Economics, and Business Administration.

Ankara also has many private universities, which number up to 13, including:

  • Baskent University
  • Bilkent University
  • Atilim University
  • Cankaya University
  • There are public and private Turkish schools in Ankara with different stages, but if you are looking for international schools, there are many in Ankara, such as:
  • Al-Fayez International Schools
  • Wisdom International School
  • Al-Rafidain International Schools
  • Hammurabi Schools
  • Nineveh Generations International School

The disadvantages of living in Ankara are:

  • Ankara’s climate is very cold, as temperatures reach below zero and snowfall, and some may not be able to cope in cold weather, but central heating is everywhere.
  • Difficulty finding job opportunities, unlike Istanbul, there are few job opportunities available for foreigners.
  • The city of Ankara is very quiet, and this extreme calm may not be preferred by some.
  • Istanbul is one of the best cities in Turkey to live in
  • The charming city of Istanbul, the capital of Turkey and the most famous city in it, whether we disagree or agree, Istanbul is one of the best cities in Turkey to live and settle down in.

It is true that Istanbul has many faults, but its tremendous advantages make many people overlook these faults.

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