The requirements of mountain climbing

Climbing is a sport that is not subject to specific laws and rules that must be adhered to, and therefore mountain climbers use different patterns and techniques during their practice of climbing sport, regardless of the mechanism that a person uses in the process of climbing mountains; Because there are several basic tools that he must have; Such as shoes, snowmobile ties, ropes, rope fasteners, belt tie, and other tools; That would provide safety for those who practice this sport.

Mountaineering equipment

The following shows some of the basic tools that mountain climbers should have while performing this sport: A pair of shoes: Choosing an appropriate pair of shoes to wear is an essential part of the climbing process; Where it is preferred to choose shoes that are solid enough to enable the climber to put his feet comfortably on the rocks, and it is preferable that these shoes be equipped with a plastic cover and an insulating and soft liner to keep the feet dry and warm.

Ice bands: (Crampons), this tool is essential for people who climb icebergs; Where the shoes are provided with a pair of laces for walking on the ice, which will save the effort on the climber while he is walking on the snow, and these laces are characterized by containing the bottom of what resembles long nails; Which is usually at least 12 nails. Ropes: (Rope), the ropes are considered climbing tools that are chosen according to the technique used by the climber to practice this sport, and the diameter of the rope used for climbing usually ranges from 7.6 mm to more than 10 mm, and a single rope or a pair of thin ropes can be used. During the climbing process.

Rope binders: (Belay), this tool comes in different types and shapes, and it is chosen according to the style that the person uses in climbing, and the main goal of using this tool is to prevent any possible fall of the climber by friction with the rope used for climbing.

Waist tie belt: (Harness), the waist tie belt is the tool by which the rope is attached to the climber, so it is considered one of the important tools that accompany the ropes. Ice Ax: (Ice Ax), this tool comes in the form of an ax with a conical head and a point that enables the climbing ice ax to insert it into the ice or snow and help it in the climbing process or protect it from the danger of falling, and the ice ax may contain another flat end that is used to cut the ice , And this tool is of great importance in maintaining the safety of the climber.

Additional protection tools: Protection tools are considered tools that may change according to the conditions and features of the mountain climbing trip that the person intends to do, as important equipment is usually carried from these tools while others are placed in the bag for use when needed, and from the protection tools used In climbing, pitons, snow anchors, a knife, lightweight reels, what are known as nuts, a first aid bag, a lighter or matches, and many other tools.

Appropriate clothing for mountaineering

The choice of appropriate clothing for climbing depends on the details of the place of climbing, the time of the year to climb, and the conditions that the climber is likely to encounter; Given that the climbing trip may go through different conditions and atmospheres; It is preferable to wear clothing for climbing through what is known as the Layers System.

Where the climber wears layers of clothes that are easily removed or re-worn according to the difference in weather conditions or the effort of the person during the climbing trip, and it is preferable that the first layer of clothing is made of moisture-absorbent materials that will help to keep the body dry and comfortable; Perhaps fabrics made of polyester or merino wool are the right choice.

It is preferable that the other layer of clothing for climbing includes a light woolen jacket and soft pants, in addition to a hat to protect the head from the sun’s rays, and the outer layer of the climber’s clothing may include a jacket and waterproof pants in addition to good quality sunglasses and gloves. Do not overlook socks; Which is one of the most important underwear; Which must be chosen carefully to keep the feet of the climber dry and warm, as for the clothes that will be used during sleep.

It is preferable to include light shirts with a long or short sleeve, as well as light and long underwear, and it is worth noting that a person who wants to climb icebergs or where the weather is cold throughout the year should wear warm clothes that are resistant to wetness in more than one layer.

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