How to easily arrange a kitchen

The kitchen

How to add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the very important parts of the house, where the housewife spends a long time between cooking and cleaning, and the kitchen has privacy as it expresses the arrangement and taste of the housewife, and it also indicates the extent of her elegance in choosing the kitchen decoration, and every woman must take care of cleanliness The kitchen and its arrangement always.

Even if its decor is modest, cleanliness and arrangement will look more beautiful than any other kitchen that may lack arrangement, and kitchen utensils must also be practical and beautiful, and it is preferable that the decorations for the kitchen contain some ornamental plants that give a special aesthetic to the kitchen. The kitchen, and in this article, you will learn in detail how to arrange the kitchen easily.

How to arrange the kitchen easily

How to arrange the kitchen easily requires simple and easy practical steps. , As these steps are useful in the long run, and how to easily arrange the kitchen as follows: If a good distance is left between both the oven and the refrigerator, it will be useful for placing many things such as pastry-making tools in addition to the trays of the oven.

The refrigerator is arranged so that cooked and prepared foods, in addition to drinks, are placed on the upper shelf, and for raw meat, it must always be kept on the lower shelf of the refrigerator, so that nothing spills onto the rest of the food in the refrigerator, as for the items that are used for cooking a lot, a shelf close to Reach, to make it easier to remove these things, and placed in the small drawers designated for everything small in size of food.

As for the drawers in the kitchen, if their organizer is used, it will help in arranging spoons, forks, and knives separately, so that any of them are easy to eat. Kitchen cabinets are cleaned by wiping them with a piece of damp cloth from the inside and then from the outside, and after finishing cleaning, they are dried with a piece of clean cloth as well. The gas is cleaned on a daily basis using a sponge with the appropriate cleaning fluid and then dried well.

Simple Kitchen Renovation

Ideas How to give your kitchen decor a different look? Although the idea of ​​a kitchen renovation seems expensive, the renovation can be through some steps that change the kitchen decor and give it a different look from the previous one, in addition to the fact that these ideas cost little and do not require much effort: Add some new colors to the walls The kitchen or wall cabinets give the kitchen a different look so that more than one color can be used, and the golden color can be added through the cupboards, drawers and corners knobs.

Some indoor plants can be placed in the kitchen, as they give life and joy to the kitchen decor, and they can be arranged near the windowsill or on the table. The use of shapes and antiques related to the kitchen, such as roses, spice cans, or the shapes of chefs, like these, give a kind of arrangement and beauty in the decor.

The decor can be renewed by placing some simple pieces of furniture in the kitchen, such as a table for eating with some chairs, and old chairs can also be renewed by changing colors and accessories, and if the space is narrow, a small corner can be chosen to make this decor.

Adding some lighting points gives a revamp in the form of decor. The hanging shelves can be used to place spice jars, and they give a great refreshment and elegance. Wallpaper in the kitchen can be replaced with beautiful patterns and colors, and add paintings and frames that suit the decor and colors of the kitchen.

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