Why does the kitchen need constant cleaning?

The kitchen is without all the rooms of the house most in need of daily care and cleanliness, and sometimes it requires cleaning several times, especially after preparing meals, and the method of cleaning it is a simple process that only requires 15 minutes, and to clean the kitchen efficiently, all tools and materials used must be cleaned to keep it shiny and free of germs and dirt, and all tools must be preserved in their correct place, arranging cabinets, drawers, and all contents, and in order to facilitate this task for the mother and reduce the time required for cleaning and arranging it is advised to train all family members to clean and rinse the used dishes immediately after completing them and return them to their designated places.

A daily routine that contributes to keeping the kitchen and its tools as clean as possible, and in this article, you will learn how to clean electrical kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinets in the simplest way

How does a housewife use baking soda to clean her kitchen?

Many people find it difficult to properly clean their kitchen utensils; Therefore, questions abound about how to clean kitchen electrical appliances that are used on a daily basis and on a frequent basis, it is worth knowing that there are many ways, means, and materials that can be used to complete the work as required and easily without the need for a financial cost and a long time, and in what comes to the detail of how to clean electrical kitchen tools Using natural materials:

  • Salt: Use table salt to clean the stove or oven from food burned or food spills on the surface; The salt is sprayed before the spills cool down with a little water, left for some time, and then the cleaning process is completed.
  • Lemons: Use lemons to clean the microwave and remove unpleasant odors and grease from kitchen electrical appliances by cutting the lemon in half and placing it in the microwave and running it for one minute with a tablespoon of water until the lemon becomes hot as the lemon is a natural cleanser and is good at getting rid of unpleasant odors, then it is wiped The microwave is inside with kitchen paper, and lemon can be used to remove grease and dirt from ovens and refrigerators after heating it in the microwave.
  • Lemon and orange: Citrus juice can be used to remove accumulated water stains by pouring juice on the stains, then wiping them off easily.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar is used to clean various electrical tools and get rid of unpleasant odors by heating it in the microwave with water for a few minutes and wiping them all with vinegar inside and outside, then working on drying them using clean paper towels, and it can also be used to clean and sterilize the dishwasher by pouring vinegar inside it in the middle of the time Operation, or use it to remove scale from the water heater.
  • Soap and water: To clean the food processor, put a little soap and warm water inside it, turn it on, then wash it with water.
  • Baking soda: It is used to clean ovens and remove stubborn stains and deposits, and it is also used in cleaning the refrigerator to preserve its smell.

How to clean kitchen cabinets?

How to clean glass cabinets?

The methods of cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets go beyond their various designs and finishes, but the various cleaning processes and methods must be carried out using simple and safe materials that do not harm the cabinets and wood, such as; Use gentle detergents for cabinets or using light natural materials.

To learn how to clean kitchen cabinets, it is recommended to follow the following:

  • Use an oily soap to clean the cabinets from the outside.
  • Use wet clothes to clean cupboards and wipe off the soap.
  • Use a dry cloth made of fibers to polish the wood.
  • Remove stains with a cloth dampened with vinegar.
  • Use a soft eraser to remove marks if any.
  • For cleaning glass cabinets, it is recommended to use a glass cleaner and a rag.
  • To remove grease, it is recommended to use a cloth dampened with dilute ammonia.

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