How can you organize a kitchen cupboard?

Do dishes and cups fall off when you open the kitchen cupboard? You have come to the right place, especially since the time for reorganization has already come. The best way to know how to organize your kitchen is to think about your usage needs. What pieces do you use every day? Which is displaced for the back of the kitchen cupboard? Get rid of items you can handle without, and focus your effort on making your closet functional, clean, and attractive. You will look forward to cooking in your kitchen again with greater comfort and enthusiasm after you finish re-organizing your kitchen.


Take anything out of the kitchen cupboard. The organizing steps are easy to get started when you start a clean new page and organizing your kitchen cupboard is no exception to this rule. Go ahead and take out all kitchen utensils; Plates, mugs, cups, pots, frying pans, and anything else you put in them. Put everything on the kitchen table so you can access what you have available and what you actually need to use.

  • Determine what you don’t need. You may have a bunch of plastic cups you took from restaurants, a small pile of paper plates, or an old coffee machine that no longer works … and so on. Now is the time to cut back on your kitchen items to what they’re actually used for; Eliminating clutter makes it easier to maintain order.
  • Go outside if you find you need something and buy it before organizing your kitchen cupboard. If you delay purchasing it, it will be difficult to find a good spot for it later.
  • Consider donating old kitchen supplies to a charity or selling them in popular markets to lighten your tools. It may be easier for you to dispose of what you do not need anymore if you know that your old items will go to a new home instead of landfills.
  • Clean the kitchen cabinet from top to bottom. Clean up all crumbs, dry sprays, and dust to prepare the kitchen cupboard for storing dishes and other kitchen supplies.
  • A good cleaning will prevent insects from entering the kitchen and keep your things clean.
  • If you prefer not to use chemical cleaners, try using a solution of white vinegar diluted with a little water. These cleaners work well in kitchen cabinet cleaning.
  • Baking soda will do the trick if you need an abrasive.
  • Make sure to use cleaning materials that will not damage your kitchen cabinet if it is of unglazed wood.
  • Line the kitchen cupboard with paper or cork. The new kitchen cabinet liner helps reduce old odors and creates a lovely space for kitchen supplies. You can choose from paper, vinyl, or rubber liners available in different shapes and surfaces.
  • Measure the floors of the kitchen cupboard and cut the liner to the appropriate size, then insert it into the bottom of the kitchen cupboard.
  • Some liners have sticky backs to attach to the floor of the kitchen cupboard.
  • Place scented bags in the corners to preserve the smell of your kitchen cupboard. Scented bags are useful for keeping your kitchen cupboard smelling nice. Pick up a few of your favorite spices and herbs like lavender rose petals, or cinnamon sticks and place them in a small, tied, or woven fabric bag tightly knit on top. Replace the bags every few months when the smell is gone.
  • Certain spices and herbs can be used to repel insects. Try scented sachets with eucalyptus, tea tree oil, or lemon oil to prevent insects.
  • Place bags filled with baking soda in the corners of your kitchen cupboard if you want to absorb odors without scenting.
  • Buy organizer containers for smaller kitchen items.
  • Now is the time to think about how to organize the things in your cupboard after cleaning and lining them. You don’t necessarily need to buy these organizing containers, but they can help reduce clutter and keep things in place if you have a lot of kitchen gadgets.

Consider purchasing the following items for your kitchen cabinet:

  • Tableware organizer. Some kitchen drawers have built-in cutlery organizers but many are not, and if your kitchen doesn’t include them they are well worth the spending of several pounds.
  • Hanger for tea or coffee cups. Many install hangers under the kitchen cabinet that hang over the marble as a way to store coffee, tea, or cups. Consider this option if you are a coffee addict and want easy access to your cups, and it is also a nice idea if you have a nice set of cups you want to display.
  • Dry food packages and other items. You may need sturdy food containers if you store flour, sugar, spices, and other foods in your kitchen cupboard (as opposed to using a separate cupboard). Choose containers with airtight lids to keep out air and insects.

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