Spend quality time with the family

Family members spend most of their time at work, school, after-school programs, sports, etc .; Therefore, a suitable time must be available to sit together and exchange conversations between members of the same family, and the weekend can be used to enhance that, but this holiday may not be sufficient to deal with all family matters, and therefore it is necessary to go out on a family trip to spend a fun time and discuss many Of things.

Reducing children’s problems

Family trips are the most popular treatment for children who suffer from ADHD problems, and this treatment is called green time, or green space therapy, as this method is simple to play in the open air, or practicing any activity in the surrounding Outside, whether in the garden or in the yard of the home, the American Journal of Public Health stated after a study of 452 children with ADHD that the child gets better when he goes out into the open air.

Boost vitamin D levels

Research estimates indicate that many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and a deficiency of this vitamin causes the emergence of chronic diseases. Such as: cancer, and this vitamin can be increased through exposure to direct sunlight, hence the importance of family trips and going out to nature, and vitamin D helps protect family members from daily diseases, such as: colds and influenza.

Reducing problems and stress

Family trips or travel help to forget special problems for several days, or forget them for several weeks, and also helps to know things that are not understood, as the nature of family and work life is congested in many matters, and therefore traveling with family members or friends will increase a person’s knowledge of the importance of people. Others for him.

Family trips help reduce stress for all family members, as one study conducted on 25 Scottish adults showed the difference between living in landscapes and urban areas, by measuring the level of the stress hormone (cortisol). Less prone to stress and daily disturbances compared to those who live in urban areas, and it is worth saying that going outdoors requires some physical activities. Like walking, and sports, this is enough to reduce the tension of family members.

Other benefits of family trips stem from the importance of family trips in that they take the family out of the daily routine of life, give them a side of pleasure, relaxation, and recreation, in addition to preventing anxiety and creating beautiful memories, where memories of the family trip can be recovered by watching the video of the trip, or its photo album. That the family trip increases the opportunity to learn about new things and gives the individual a new culture, for example: visiting a place gives the family culture about the history of the neighborhood and much interesting information.

Trips Trips are known as a group of people meeting together, going out to eat different foods in the open and outdoor places, and trips are not limited to eating only; In fact, many recreational activities can be done on trips to make them more enjoyable and spend a good time, especially for children, it is possible to play in water balloons, play basketball and volleyball, and trips can be used to enhance bonding and bonding between family members, have conversations, play some family games, play music and sing songs. together.

Trekking tools

There are many tools that must be taken on trips so that they are enjoyable and comfortable for individuals, and among the most important tools that must be taken: Basic tools There are some basic tools that must be present in various types of trips, including: Trips basket that is used to put foods that do not perishable quickly, Or if the trip is located close to home.

  • Backpack for adventure and exploration trips.
  • An icebox that is used to store foods and drinks that must be kept cold until the time to serve them.
  • A trekking blanket that is used when going to places that do not contain tables to sit, and it is preferable that it contains a waterproof liner to keep it dry if it is placed on sand or wet weeds.
  • Disposable food items that are used only and after disposal include plates, cups, and plastic spoons.
  • Tissue paper and wet wipes, so that hands are cleaned with them, and the dining table, if any. Cutting board and knife; This is for use in chopping fruits and vegetables, making sandwiches at the flight site instead of making them at home, and transporting them to the trip site.
  • Ice bags, and placed with cold foods to keep them cold.
  • Trash bags, so that waste can be placed in it in the event that there is no garbage bin at the trip site.
  • Portable table and picnic chairs; In the event that there are people who are not comfortable when sitting on the floor. Bottle opener.
  • Plastic packages or storage bags; To save the rest of the foods.
  • Kitchen towels, in addition to being used to dry hands and wipe surfaces, can be used to cover open food containers and wrap them around plastic bottles to protect them.
  • Cushions, which are placed over the blanket to give people extra comfort when sitting on it.
  • Portable barbecue grill and kerosene bottle.
  • Trekking umbrella; To create a shadow zone in case it does not exist on the flight site.

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