The damage of television to infants

How can entertainment turn into a curse?

In light of the pattern of consumption that surrounds us, excessive consumption of television and watching it may have negative effects on the general health of the individual, as consumption is characterized by its lack of proper control in terms of who is watching, the duration of viewing and the age of the viewer, for example, the appropriate age for a child to watch TV should be Not to be a baby at all, but this is not really what happens, and this article will explain the negative consequences of infant watching TV and will answer how to avoid it.

May increase violence

Do wars and bombings make my child aggressive?

A torrential torrent of violent scenes among the victims of wars, bombings, and body parts is shown on TV periodically, and children may be automatically exposed to these violent scenes, which may be clearly reflected in their behavior, so children become more aggressive and anxious, and perhaps the intensity of the scenes and the abundance of the image may take away their reassurance. And it makes them think that the planet is a scary and unsafe place to live, and these consequences can be reduced by the following:

  • Watch TV with your children and choose topics carefully.
  • Don’t leave the TV in your kids’ bedroom.
  • Make sure your child does not watch violent scenes and change the channel if the scenes appear suddenly.
  • Try to Limit the hours of watching TV.
  • Give your children peace and peace.
  • Watching violence on TV can make a child violent and anxious.

May cause sleep problems

Why isn’t my baby getting enough sleep?

TV may be the reason behind this, as a 2014 study based on mothers and their children known as the FIFA project indicated that watching TV for extended periods affects sleep, and the study and its results can be explained as follows:

A study conducted on 1,800 children aged Between 6 months and 8 years, there is a direct correlation between short sleep time and watching TV. The study revealed that every additional hour of watching in front of the television was associated with a 7-minute decrease in children’s sleep time per day.

Males are affected more than females with regard to the short sleep time from watching TV.
The study concluded that watching TV or sleeping in rooms that have a TV reduces sleep time and negatively affects physical and mental health.
Watching television for extra hours affects sleep quality in children.

It may affect the brain Is space for a child under three years old better for him than watching TV?

While parents have a lot of busy days, they believe that children spend a period in front of the television to compensate for their busy period, and they find this entertainment and benefit for their children, but the truth contains many facts that are harmful to the brain, including your child needs to learn things through the live presentation of these things, Not by video recording, as it was observed that children who learned directly remember what they learned more than those who learned on the screen.

Usually, the child does not have free time outside of watching television, so hearing his parents and the surroundings around him is what he needs to learn, as he picks up facial expressions and tone of voice and enjoys eye contact.

A child’s brain is not ready to receive this massive amount of images and sounds and to process them before the age of three. While the brain has all the neurons properly, the processing process between these cells takes time for the child to adapt to the knowledge and translate it.

Watching TV negatively affects the brain, and this negative effect translates into the tasks that the brain carries out, so it slows down and decreases.

May reduce focus What is the focus?

How does the TV control it? It is the effort exerted by the person towards any work he does or the science he learns in real-time.

Children are negatively affected by television more than others, according to some evidence and studies.

The first three years of their lives on television herald a delay in the development of the language and the necessary skills that qualify them to enter kindergarten; In other words, there is a negative impact on children’s field of study and academic achievement.

Television has the ability to distract children and cause attention disturbances in children in cases of early exposure to television screens. Young children are less able to concentrate while doing games and activities while the TV is working with them in the same setting.

Television appears to be a control for reducing children’s focus capacity when exposed at a young age.

What is the strange link between heart health and television?

Putting the baby in front of the TV for a long time may give him the trait of being accustomed to watching television, and getting used to sitting in front of the TV for long hours will cause health harms, and these disadvantages can be clarified and the question answered through the following points: Sitting in front of the TV gives individuals the opportunity to lack movement and practice physical activity And eat many foods and fast food.

A growing number of studies indicate that sitting for long periods without exercising makes people have a greater chance of developing cardiovascular disease and death.

Obesity due to sitting in front of the TV can harm children’s health and make them more susceptible to high blood pressure and cholesterol, which are considered risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

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