Cheapest cities to live in Canada

We often dream of traveling and emigrating to Canada for work and stability, but we also often hear that it has a high cost of living and that you need continuous work to cover your living expenses, in addition to the lack of vacancies.

If you are trying to find the perfect place to immigrate and live in Canada, it makes sense to search for the cheapest cities to live in Canada. However, if the average wages in that city are so low (that you spend only half of your salary to cover rent and utilities), moving may not be a good idea after all.

According to data from Numbeo, the most used site for cost-of-living comparisons in countries and cities around the world, Canada still has 20 Canadian cities with low-cost living and high-paying jobs.

Therefore, through this article, we will get to know the cheapest cities to live in Canada and work with high-wage salaries for the year 2021!

Cheapest cities to live in Canada and work with high-paying jobs for the year 2021


This gorgeous seaside town on the sunshine coast is close to Vancouver and can be commuted between the two without having to pay transportation fares. On average, a one-bedroom apartment will cost you about $ 1115.50 plus $ 88.33 utility fees, but the average net monthly salary is $ 5.789 after tax. Many residents also choose jobs that can be completed remotely.

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Welland is located in the province of Ontario and is within half an hour’s drive to St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. Statistics in Canada show that the average monthly rent in the country is $ 1,270.21 while the average monthly wage is $ 3,3232.18. A one-bedroom apartment costs $ 725 per month with $ 151.43 for the main services. Although some industrial projects have been closed due to the crisis, the average monthly payment in the city is still $ 5,246.33


If you have previously researched jobs in Canada, you must have heard that Toronto debtors offer the highest salaries, yet they are among the most expensive cities to live in. So why not make Toronto money and low cost of living. While a Whitby is approximately 55 km from Toronto, you can get an apartment in its center for $ 1166.67 with $ 183.33 essential services, and the average monthly income is $ 5666.67.

Moose Jaw

Pilots have the highest salaries in this town, and it is one of the first centers for military pilot training in the country. The average monthly wage for a small apartment is $ 750, which is less than the average cost of living, in addition to $ 191.25 for major services, while the average monthly wage is $ 4,888.89.


It is located near the geographic center of British Columbia. Its economy depends mainly on agriculture, forestry and mining, in addition to the boom of tourism little by little. And to get a small apartment in the city center, you will need $ 647.50 per month and $ 158.8 additional amount for services. While your monthly income will reach $ 4,750 after taxes.


This charming town is located in the Selkirk Mountains at the confluence of the Kootenay, Columbia Rivers in the western Kootenay region of British Columbia. You can find a small apartment for an average of $ 850 with $ 175 for services. Depending on the sectors mentioned, the average monthly income is $ 4,830.


Located in the town of Alberta, 30 km north of the busy city of Calgary. The borough is small compared to the rest of Alberta. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you $ 1050 per month and $ 206.67 for basic services. However, your average monthly salary will be $ 5,000.


The largest municipality in southwestern Ontario, approximately 115 km southwest of London. The average monthly income is $ 4,560. Its economy depends on founders of the auto, energy, and retail industries. The monthly rent for a small apartment is $ 880 and $ 165.83 for basic services.


It is located 76 km from Toronto. If your dream is to work in a big city but lives in a smaller city then Bowmanville is a good option. A small apartment in the city center will cost you $ 1100 per month in addition to $ 224.39 in service costs. You can work in town for an average salary of $ 4,833.33 after-tax, and you can work in the new headquarters of the Ontario Power Generation Corporation.

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