How to express your love to children?

Children’s need for love How do you express to children your love? They are in constant need of love and attention from the first moment they are born, and the main pleasure of love they find between the ages of six months and six years, yes it may seem a long time for parents under the circumstances, burdens, and responsibilities […]

Damages of television to infants

The damage of television to infants How can entertainment turn into a curse? In light of the pattern of consumption that surrounds us, excessive consumption of television and watching it may have negative effects on the general health of the individual, as consumption is characterized by its lack of proper control in terms of who is watching, the duration of […]

Why do children ignore our orders?

Childhood The concept of childhood appeared for the first time during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries through theories and books, but before that the child was seen as an incomplete version of the adult, and childhood was defined as the age period extending from birth to adolescence, and by reference to Piaget’s theory of growth it has Childhood is divided […]

Treating fear in children

Treating fear in children Fear in children from time to time, when children explore their surroundings, are exposed to new experiences and face new difficulties, fears become an integral part of their developmental stages, and according to one study, a large proportion of children between the ages of 6 and 12 have been tested. Fear of darkness is one of […]

Bad habits in children that must be eliminated

Raising children is the first responsibility that parents feel in their lives, so the father works day and night in order to secure the life requirements of his young children, and the mother makes every effort to complete the process that the father began at home through caring for and raising the children, and some parents may think that it […]

Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of children

What may indicate the intelligence of the child? Is IQ different from one child to another? There are many factors that affect the development of intelligence in children, and therefore the IQ ratio differs between each child, it must be known that intelligence is not just an ability or an attribute given to a child, but rather a global structure […]