Raising children is the first responsibility that parents feel in their lives, so the father works day and night in order to secure the life requirements of his young children, and the mother makes every effort to complete the process that the father began at home through caring for and raising the children, and some parents may think that it is their responsibility It ends when securing material

Material for their children, but on the contrary, as the responsibility of the father and mother is much greater than that, which is to raise them well and to raise them in good morals, and good habits that qualify them to be righteous with them in the future, so it is necessary to pay attention to some bad habits that Children may attach to them, and in what follows there is talk about bad habits in children that must be eliminated.

Bad habits among children must be eliminated.

A person acquires his habits through contact with others, people, and those around him, and this is considered dangerous for children. Because the child at his young age is unable to distinguish between good habits and bad habits, and this remains the task of parents who are good at dealing with the child until he gives up unpleasant habits, and this paragraph will talk in detail about bad habits in children that must be eliminated:

Some may try Children express themselves in the easiest way for parents to annoy the shouting, and here comes the parents’ experience is not meeting the child’s request until he speaks in a calm and polite manner.

The child may cry in order to draw the attention of others to him, especially his parents, and the mother should never neglect this phenomenon, as she may be able to solve the whole issue by asking him a small question, “What’s wrong with you”.

Some children may resort to some bad phrases and utter them without realizing their meaning, and here parents must receive the command calmly and reprimand the child in a calm manner.

To understand his mistake, far from shouting.

The child always uses his hands and tries to take revenge on his own for what upsets him, and this may cause great harm to him and those around him, so the mother must resort to an appropriate punishment without inflicting any bodily harm on him.

Inculcating good habits in children

The child is the white page on which the parents say what they want, whether bad or good and what the child learns when he is young cannot be erased by years.

Therefore, after talking about bad habits in children that must be eliminated, it is advisable to present some good habits that must be instilled, and that will be in the following:

Parents must instill in their son the literature of discourse with others, especially with them. He is addressed like the little one, and the stranger is not addressed like a friend, for everyone has his place.

It is imperative to teach the child the literature of respect and the importance of sharing it with others, especially for those who are older than him.

Teaching a child to ask permission before entering any place makes life greatly easier for him in the future, and makes him a transmitter of that culture for his children in the future.

Ways to get rid of insulting and insulting in children

Insulting and insulting in children

The phenomenon of cursing and insulting among children is one of the bad habits that are widespread among children in many settings, and the degrees of these insults, insults, and expressions that are not welcome at all among children differ according to the different factors that cause them, which start from the social conditions that the child lives in his family, which are from The problems prevalent in many families, even in families that care for their children

She is surprised at some point when her children utter words outside of literature, and questions begin about the reasons for these insults and words reaching her children, and about the ways of giving up 1 y of insults and curses among children, which will be the focus of the discussion in this article.

Ways to get rid of insults and curses among children When talking about ways to get rid of insults and cursing among children, it is necessary to focus on the role of the family and the environment in this matter. The methods that must be followed in order to get rid of insults and insults among children are the following:

Parents of mothers and fathers should be, first, a good example for their children in their good words, politeness of their tongue, and their good choice of their expressions and expressions, for the child, is very imitating his parents. Parents must prevent their children from befriending bad buddies and from playing in the street, as the child may be affected by the deviation of bad friends, learn their habits and utter their unacceptable words.

Parents must educate their children about the dangers of bad words and insults, and their bad effect on their personality, and that these expressions stir hatred and hatred among members of the same community. Parents must strengthen the religious conviction of their children by indoctrinating them in the hadiths of the Prophet that warn against insulting and insulting and showing the sin that falls on those who utter them.

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